Oct 08

Charlie == Satoshi?

If the smallest fraction of Bitcoin is referred to as a Satoshi, should the smallest fraction of a Litecoin be referred to as a Charlie?

Sep 12


Minergate has picked up where LTCRabbit unfortunately left off – I STILL don’t know exactly why they shut down, but really liked them, so I’m genuinely interested – anyone? Minergate is significantly simplifying home mining, and doing a lot for the industry.  I only recently realized that the “x11” coins I used to mine on LTCRabbit were exactly what Dash is now – SMOS was configured for Darkcoins.  I only recently connected the dots, but I had apparently been mining Dash, ever since x11 was pushed on LTCRabbit.  Obviously, in retrospect I don’t mind that it converted the Dash, to Litecoins, but if its payout had actually been in Dash, my wallet would easily be 6-digits now (it must have increased rapidly, when I was out of commission for a while).  In case it wasn’t obvious by now, I’ve gotten considerably more into cryptocurrency mining.  I came to, from the aforementioned coma, and found my mined Litecoin was just over $40k, which I can promise you, was easily one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, and since it was mined, not purchased, and essentially amounts to an infinite rate of return, it handily outperforms any security I’ve ever invested in – I even got shares of Google, at its IPO – for an even $300 – formerly my biggest investing accomplishment, but this has trumped that.  I was initially pretty skeptical of cryptocurrency, and originally bought my miners, only for their graphics’ cards (5x7950s and 3x280xs) & gaming.  The miners are still chugging away, but no longer with LTCRabbit, with EthOS.  In closing though, I’m still completely dumfounded why LTCRabbit shut down; they did a very admirable job of simplifying getting into mining – heck, they even had a custom version of SMOS for it.  Minergate is making up for LTCRabbit, but it doesn’t even yet have support for mining Dash itself; it has DashCOIN – not to be confused with DASH though – even I’ve made that mistake initially – but it’s worth significantly less.

Aug 20

Coinbase Works!

So, I accumulated a good amount of Litecoins, before LTCRabbit shut down.  I’m still  not 100% sure why it did even, except their released information that the “Stratum servers shut down.”  Which is fine, but so far at least, there’s no additional information via Google; I didn’t even think that they were even entirely dependent on the Stratum servers.  It was a great service, and I ran it on at least 1 dedicated miner, that I purchased on impulse – in ~2014 – off of Craigslist.  I used Coinbase to convert a small test amount of LTC (1) to USD.  I discovered you have to use their mobile app – at least currently.  Doing so via their website (on a desktop) doesn’t appear to be currently possible.  Even with a verified Paypal payment method, the option to Sell doesn’t even appear to be available, from their interface (again, this may change, and should change frankly, just no idea when).  It appears to have to do with a linked bank account not yet being verified; but, two things about that:

  1. You shouldn’t need a verified bank account to sell a cryptocurrency (convert it to USD).  I could understand needing one to buy, but not sell.
  2. Their system appears to require you wire money, from your bank account that’s not yet verified, to Coinbase.  This makes sense – on a level – but, most banks charge fees for outgoing wires, and it seems completely unnecessary, since other sites verify your bank account without the same requirement.

I don’t like that LTCRabbit is gone (now seemingly for good – it came back once, briefly).  I still think there’s profit potential mining Litecoins, or other crytocurrencies for that matter.  Ethereum‘s smart contracts were a great start, by providing potentially-tangible real-world value, rather than essentially wasted processor cycles, “mining” products with little (arguably zero) real-world value or utility.  The idea of a globally-distributed network, of what essentially amounts to unused computer cycles, that can be utilized, seems like the right direction for everything.  And the idea of doing so, is the first I can really get behind.  LTC miners were frankly an impulse buy, to obtain their graphics cards (five 7950’s, and three 280x’s); they’re currently idle, but hopefully not for long.

Jul 02

John Oliver Has Surpassed Jon Stewart

Unlike the comment in in my earlier post, this does deserve its own post.  I was fortunate enough to actually catch this episode when it originally aired, and I honestly had no prior idea who Robert Murray even was; I do now.  This absurdly frivolous lawsuit, and his actions as a businessman (a “coal king”) are honestly ridiculous, and frankly literally unamerican – this fucker’s trying to wipe his ass with the Bill of Rights.  In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve honestly hadn’t even previously heard of anything so egregious; does he honestly seem to not at all understand what rights are afforded to all Americans?  The article mentions sanctions, and I really hope that materializes; money is frequently the only thing that will get imbeciles like him to understand.

Jun 11

Recovering Windows XP Professional Password

Windows XP Professional Password Recovery

Recently, I booted up the old Shuttle SN41G2 I used in college, only to run-into the password prompt, for a password I had honestly completely forgot.  The good news, is that this is a solved problem, on XP (and more recent versions too, I believe).  I had to nab the password reset utility, from http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ ; I can verify that it indeed works though.  Said computer, albeit my second-most-under-powered one (right after my very first, which I still have – a Pentium Pro 200 mhz, with my similarly super old-school 3dfx Voodoo 2s – interestingly, I still remember its password.  Yes, I had SLI, when it was first commercially available; it’s not even referred as that anymore; I believe its IP was a major reason they were purchased, and that they didn’t release the Voodoo 5 6000 earlier, was a major part of the reason they ran into financial difficulty; as we can see now, it was capable of out-performing all other cards, it would have been competing against.

May 20

Heterotopic Ossification (Part 1)

So, I mentioned in http://www.ericangleton.com/update-torsional-diplopia/ that this would receive its own post; and, that’s materializing.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterotopic_ossification is a condition I didn’t even previously think was possible – hence why you never hear of amputees, “regrowing” their lost limbs; and, just to be clear, after a fair amount of research, I’m not sure this would even really allow for something akin to that.  I recently had mine removed; and, I didn’t get to keep it; but, I did get to see it at least.  The ossification, was like gravel – not an extra femur, or hip bone, or anything similar.  It also wasn’t smooth whatsoever; but, very rough, like sandpaper – I was told that this likely contributes to the pain it causes; and, is a side effect of the speed it develops (~4 weeks).  Something else I noticed, is that the ossification, has no way for blood to get to, or through it (so, “vasculature” maybe?).  Anyway, one of the things I was told, is that cells can become sort of like “stem cells,” after a brain injury; and, for whatever reason, said “stem cells” were re-purposed as bone; but, this is where the term “heterotopic” applies.  Because, the bone, is not part of the skeletal system; so, it’s out of place, so to speak.  I’ll add more, as I learn more; but, the surgery to have it removed, was open-knee surgery – the equivalent, of what would be required, for full knee replacements – I’ll upload a shot, of my new scars, later; they’re actually seemingly healing pretty quick though, fortunately.  There is still pain, when attempting to bend them however; and, I’m honestly not sure why – my physical therapist’s theory, is essentially that it’s largely because I haven’t really used them, in over a year; there are no longer bones in the path of use though, at least.

Apr 27

Vadim Zhukov – Basically Russia’s Paul Oakenfold

I originally listened to this as “Vadim Zhukov – Untitled,” implying that this may have been unreleased for quite a while. I only learned well afterword, that it was indeed released as “Energy Driver.” I then tried to obtain nearly anything I could from him; I don’t think any of his other tracks hold a candle to this one though; it’s easily my most-listened-to song of all time – including Oakenfold mixes and tracks. And believe me, I listened to him A LOT; I still remember all of his Essential Mixes (I even still have a lot of them). On a (unrelated) side note, Yoast SEO is complaining about the lack of a meta description, for this post; but, I don’t even see how to add one. There’s literally no TextBox, for “meta description.”  Also, I’m not a huge fan of the format of Audio posts; so, I’m converting this to a standard one; furthermore Audio posts appear to conflict with a lot of Yoast SEO’s default settings, nor do they even appear to be scrollable.

Vadim Zhukov – Energy Driver (also credited as “Untitled”)

Apr 25

Entheogenic – Timeless E.S.P.

So I came across this song today and was like why the hell is this not on my playlist? This is from the Album Dialogue Of The Speakers.

Apr 24

Sundial Aeon – Startup – Sequence

Hello yall, Eric and I have similar tastes in music and for a couple of years I have been linking him youtube videos practically every day. He has recently suggested to me to link them here. So, for my first post: Sundial Aeon – Startup – Sequence, (which I’ve had this group on repeat for a couple of days now) is from their new album Vulcanosis that came out this year…Enjoy!

Dec 31

Update & Torsional Diplopia

I haven’t exactly been great at keeping this guy updated; at least semi-recently, I have a reasonably good excuse. Anyway, the linked hit-&-run, was almost fatal; I was in the hospital, and later rehab, for just shy of a year. Thankfully however, I have an amazing employer, whose CEO was beyond generous. Literally, every single other person, in my group rehabs was either fired, or “let go” (essentially the same thing, but typically includes a severance package). Furthermore, the chances of even regaining consciousness, from the resulting brain injury, are absolutely dismal (less than 10% for those who don’t like reading). So, needless to say, I’ve been out-of-commission for a while – no excuse before that though, sorry! Aside from Heterotopic Ossification, in both knees (will get its own post later – before this, I had never even remotely heard of it, and didn’t honestly think “re-growing” bones was even possible), I was also, later, formerly diagnosed with an acquired fourth nerve palsy, resulting in a very specific type of double vision (diplopia – torsional specifically). I had strabismus surgery, but it’s still noticeable – maybe not as bad, I just can’t tell for sure – this is another thing I didn’t really know much about before this ordeal (I had at least heard of strabismus though – in general, not 4th nerve palsy in particular). Anyway, the surgery didn’t solve the problem completely. That’s in-line with the procedure’s chances of success; but, I’m wondering whether there’s something else contributing, that’s beyond my limited expertise.

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