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Oct 08

Charlie == Satoshi?

If the smallest fraction of Bitcoin is referred to as a Satoshi, should the smallest fraction of a Litecoin be referred to as a Charlie?

Sep 12


Minergate has picked up where LTCRabbit unfortunately left off – I STILL don’t know exactly why they shut down, but really liked them, so I’m genuinely interested – anyone? Minergate is significantly simplifying home mining, and doing a lot for the industry.  I only recently realized that the “x11” coins I used to mine on LTCRabbit were exactly what Dash is now …

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Aug 20

Coinbase Works!

So, I accumulated a good amount of Litecoins, before LTCRabbit shut down.  I’m still  not 100% sure why it did even, except their released information that the “Stratum servers shut down.”  Which is fine, but so far at least, there’s no additional information via Google; I didn’t even think that they were even entirely dependent on …

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Jul 02

John Oliver Has Surpassed Jon Stewart

Unlike the comment in in my earlier post, this does deserve its own post.  I was fortunate enough to actually catch this episode when it originally aired, and I honestly had no prior idea who Robert Murray even was; I do now.  This absurdly frivolous lawsuit, and his actions as a businessman (a “coal king”) are …

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Jun 11

Recovering Windows XP Professional Password

Windows XP Professional Password Recovery Recently, I booted up the old Shuttle SN41G2 I used in college, only to run-into the password prompt, for a password I had honestly completely forgot.  The good news, is that this is a solved problem, on XP (and more recent versions too, I believe).  I had to nab the password reset …

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May 20

Heterotopic Ossification (Part 1)

So, I mentioned in that this would receive its own post; and, that’s materializing. is a condition I didn’t even previously think was possible – hence why you never hear of amputees, “regrowing” their lost limbs; and, just to be clear, after a fair amount of research, I’m not sure this would even really allow for …

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Apr 27

Vadim Zhukov – Basically Russia’s Paul Oakenfold

I originally listened to this as “Vadim Zhukov – Untitled,” implying that this may have been unreleased for quite a while. I only learned well afterword, that it was indeed released as “Energy Driver.” I then tried to obtain nearly anything I could from him; I don’t think any of his other tracks hold a …

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Dec 31

Update & Torsional Diplopia

I haven’t exactly been great at keeping this guy updated; at least semi-recently, I have a reasonably good excuse. Anyway, the linked hit-&-run, was almost fatal; I was in the hospital, and later rehab, for just shy of a year. Thankfully however, I have an amazing employer, whose CEO was beyond generous. Literally, every single …

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Jul 20

C# Alternative to a Type Dictionary

Somewhat recently, I needed a dictionary whose index was the entry’s type. The obvious way to go about this of course was to simply create a dictionary whose index was the entry’s type, like so: There is a really cool, and much faster, alternative though – which was brought to my attention by one of …

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Jan 30

AAPL Cash/Share

I’m not particularly a fan of Apple products, nor have I ever understood the willingness of consumers to pay a sizeable premium for them, but I can’t argue with Apple’s success as a company. Their annual EPS growth has been both absurdly consistent and absurdly high. Consumer sentiment might be shifting though, which of course …

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