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Jul 02

John Oliver Has Surpassed Jon Stewart

Unlike the comment in in my earlier post, this does deserve its own post.  I was fortunate enough to actually catch this episode when it originally aired, and I honestly had no prior idea who Robert Murray even was; I do now.  This absurdly frivolous lawsuit, and his actions as a businessman (a “coal king”) are …

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Jun 11

Recovering Windows XP Professional Password

Windows XP Professional Password Recovery Recently, I booted up the old Shuttle SN41G2 I used in college, only to run-into the password prompt, for a password I had honestly completely forgot.  The good news, is that this is a solved problem, on XP (and more recent versions too, I believe).  I had to nab the password reset …

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May 20

Heterotopic Ossification (Part 1)

So, I mentioned in that this would receive its own post; and, that’s materializing. is a condition I didn’t even previously think was possible – hence why you never hear of amputees, “regrowing” their lost limbs; and, just to be clear, after a fair amount of research, I’m not sure this would even really allow for …

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Apr 27

Vadim Zhukov – Basically Russia’s Paul Oakenfold

I originally listened to this as “Vadim Zhukov – Untitled,” implying that this may have been unreleased for quite a while. I only learned well afterword, that it was indeed released as “Energy Driver.” I then tried to obtain nearly anything I could from him; I don’t think any of his other tracks hold a …

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Dec 31

Update & Torsional Diplopia

I haven’t exactly been great at keeping this guy updated; at least semi-recently, I have a reasonably good excuse. Anyway, the linked hit-&-run, was almost fatal; I was in the hospital, and later rehab, for just shy of a year. Thankfully however, I have an amazing employer, whose CEO was beyond generous. Literally, every single …

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Jul 20

C# Alternative to a Type Dictionary

Somewhat recently, I needed a dictionary whose index was the entry’s type. The obvious way to go about this of course was to simply create a dictionary whose index was the entry’s type, like so: There is a really cool, and much faster, alternative though – which was brought to my attention by one of …

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Jan 30

AAPL Cash/Share

I’m not particularly a fan of Apple products, nor have I ever understood the willingness of consumers to pay a sizeable premium for them, but I can’t argue with Apple’s success as a company. Their annual EPS growth has been both absurdly consistent and absurdly high. Consumer sentiment might be shifting though, which of course …

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Jan 30

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you’ll be successful

I’ve already covered the best motivational video ever, but this might be the second best. The original speech is by Eric Thomas. I might be a little biased on this one since we share first names. 🙂

Jan 12

CodeMash 2013 Dessert Bar

This was definitely one of the highlights.

Jan 10

CodeMash 2013

Well, I thought the highlight so far was Rob Gillen‘s use of a buffer overflow to get a command prompt with admin privileges in Windows 7. However, I just realized I’m sitting next to Jon Skeet in Evan Hauck’s presentation. Sorry Rob.

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