May 20

Heterotopic Ossification (Part 1)

So, I mentioned in http://www.ericangleton.com/update-torsional-diplopia/ that this would receive its own post; and, that’s materializing.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterotopic_ossification is a condition I didn’t even previously think was possible – hence why you never hear of amputees, “regrowing” their lost limbs; and, just to be clear, after a fair amount of research, I’m not sure this would even really allow for something akin to that.  I recently had mine removed; and, I didn’t get to keep it; but, I did get to see it at least.  The ossification, was like gravel – not an extra femur, or hip bone, or anything similar.  It also wasn’t smooth whatsoever; but, very rough, like sandpaper – I was told that this likely contributes to the pain it causes; and, is a side effect of the speed it develops (~4 weeks).  Something else I noticed, is that the ossification, has no way for blood to get to, or through it (so, “vasculature” maybe?).  Anyway, one of the things I was told, is that cells can become sort of like “stem cells,” after a brain injury; and, for whatever reason, said “stem cells” were re-purposed as bone; but, this is where the term “heterotopic” applies.  Because, the bone, is not part of the skeletal system; so, it’s out of place, so to speak.  I’ll add more, as I learn more; but, the surgery to have it removed, was open-knee surgery – the equivalent, of what would be required, for full knee replacements – I’ll upload a shot, of my new scars, later; they’re actually seemingly healing pretty quick though, fortunately.  There is still pain, when attempting to bend them however; and, I’m honestly not sure why – my physical therapist’s theory, is essentially that it’s largely because I haven’t really used them, in over a year; there are no longer bones in the path of use though, at least.

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