Sep 12


Minergate has picked up where LTCRabbit unfortunately left off – I STILL don’t know exactly why they shut down, but really liked them, so I’m genuinely interested – anyone? Minergate is significantly simplifying home mining, and doing a lot for the industry.  I only recently realized that the “x11” coins I used to mine on LTCRabbit were exactly what Dash is now – SMOS was configured for Darkcoins.  I only recently connected the dots, but I had apparently been mining Dash, ever since x11 was pushed on LTCRabbit.  Obviously, in retrospect I don’t mind that it converted the Dash, to Litecoins, but if its payout had actually been in Dash, my wallet would easily be 6-digits now (it must have increased rapidly, when I was out of commission for a while).  In case it wasn’t obvious by now, I’ve gotten considerably more into cryptocurrency mining.  I came to, from the aforementioned coma, and found my mined Litecoin was just over $40k, which I can promise you, was easily one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, and since it was mined, not purchased, and essentially amounts to an infinite rate of return, it handily outperforms any security I’ve ever invested in – I even got shares of Google, at its IPO – for an even $300 – formerly my biggest investing accomplishment, but this has trumped that.  I was initially pretty skeptical of cryptocurrency, and originally bought my miners, only for their graphics’ cards (5x7950s and 3x280xs) & gaming.  The miners are still chugging away, but no longer with LTCRabbit, with EthOS.  In closing though, I’m still completely dumfounded why LTCRabbit shut down; they did a very admirable job of simplifying getting into mining – heck, they even had a custom version of SMOS for it.  Minergate is making up for LTCRabbit, but it doesn’t even yet have support for mining Dash itself; it has DashCOIN – not to be confused with DASH though – even I’ve made that mistake initially – but it’s worth significantly less.

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