Dec 31

Update & Torsional Diplopia

I haven’t exactly been great at keeping this guy updated; at least semi-recently, I have a reasonably good excuse. Anyway, the linked hit-&-run, was almost fatal; I was in the hospital, and later rehab, for just shy of a year. Thankfully however, I have an amazing employer, whose CEO was beyond generous. Literally, every single other person, in my group rehabs was either fired, or “let go” (essentially the same thing, but typically includes a severance package). Furthermore, the chances of even regaining consciousness, from the resulting brain injury, are absolutely dismal (less than 10% for those who don’t like reading). So, needless to say, I’ve been out-of-commission for a while – no excuse before that though, sorry! Aside from Heterotopic Ossification, in both knees (will get its own post later – before this, I had never even remotely heard of it, and didn’t honestly think “re-growing” bones was even possible), I was also, later, formerly diagnosed with an acquired fourth nerve palsy, resulting in a very specific type of double vision (diplopia – torsional specifically). I had strabismus surgery, but it’s still noticeable – maybe not as bad, I just can’t tell for sure – this is another thing I didn’t really know much about before this ordeal (I had at least heard of strabismus though – in general, not 4th nerve palsy in particular). Anyway, the surgery didn’t solve the problem completely. That’s in-line with the procedure’s chances of success; but, I’m wondering whether there’s something else contributing, that’s beyond my limited expertise.

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