Apr 27

Vadim Zhukov – Basically Russia’s Paul Oakenfold

I originally listened to this as “Vadim Zhukov – Untitled,” implying that this may have been unreleased for quite a while. I only learned well afterword, that it was indeed released as “Energy Driver.” I then tried to obtain nearly anything I could from him; I don’t think any of his other tracks hold a candle to this one though; it’s easily my most-listened-to song of all time – including Oakenfold mixes and tracks. And believe me, I listened to him A LOT; I still remember all of his Essential Mixes (I even still have a lot of them). On a (unrelated) side note, Yoast SEO is complaining about the lack of a meta description, for this post; but, I don’t even see how to add one. There’s literally no TextBox, for “meta description.” ¬†Also, I’m not a huge fan of the format of Audio posts; so, I’m converting this to a standard one; furthermore Audio posts appear to conflict with a lot of Yoast SEO’s default settings, nor do they even appear to be scrollable.

Vadim Zhukov – Energy Driver (also credited as “Untitled”)

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  1. Eric

    Hmm, you can create specific posts, for “Audio;” but, I’m not sure I like it better; you can’t see anything written, in those posts.

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